About Us


Chelsea Stottlemyer 

Owner, Calligrapher, Style Inspiration

Creative, Maker, Dreamer, Chick-fil-a lover + Diet Dr Pepper drinker. Saved by Jesus. Grateful. My favorite things in the world are being my husbands helpmate, snuggles on the couch + being my own boss!


Ben Stottlemyer 

Owner, Marketer, Graphic Designer

Motivator, Straight Shooter, + Keto Diet Guru. Supplies Chelsea and the team with compliments & Chick-Fil-A. Tech guy, church sound and video production, friend of Jesus


Stacy Russell

Shipper, Assistant, Manager

Salty personality. Runner, Animal Lover, Single, Loves Jesus. Alfredo for every meal. Always on time & I keep Little Debbie in business.


Beyond Measure Living is a leading lifestyle brand that was founded in 2016 by husband & wife, Ben and Chelsea Stottlemyer. We specialize in hand lettered accents, designer apparel, unique decor, hand mixed essential oils, + apothecary.

We consist of family and close friends who love creating hand lettered and hand crafted luxury pieces that may fill your lives with value and inspiration. We have a long-standing reputation built on quality and high-end artisanal authenticity.
We're defined by our giving spirit, modern vision, and passion for unique innovation that defines living life beyond measure.

Ephesians chapter 3 verse 21: "God can do anything, you know; beyond measure of what you could ever imagine or request in your wildest dreams"

With love + excitement,
Husband & Wife, owners: Ben & Chelsea
Manager & Maker: Stacy